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Dual Diagnosis Rehab in Washington

alcohol rehabilitationThousands of people who do suffer from a drug addiction are plagued with a co-occurring mental or physical health disorder that makes treatment a long and difficult road. In Washington, drug rehab centers often provide dual-diagnosis treatment for patients in an effort to help reduce the instances of self-medication, reduce the chance of relapse and provide quality, effective care for patients. Dual diagnosis is a common problem in drug rehab which must be properly addressed in order to ensure a lasting recovery from addiction. Washington dual diagnosis drug rehabs can help.

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Recognizing the Need for Dual Diagnosis Treatment

The first step to getting the best addiction treatment is to recognize the method of treatment that is needed. For a co-occurring health disorder, there are some ways to quickly recognize the need for dual diagnosis treatment. Some of the signs of dual-diagnosis or a co-occurring health disorder include:

When any of the above situations occurs, there is an inherent need for dual diagnosis treatment. This method of care can help you overcome the facets of your addiction and your physical or mental health condition to make a full, lasting recovery. Sobriety is the key and recognizing the need to treat both an addiction and a co-occurring disorder is the first step along the path to recovery.

Counseling in Dual-diagnosis Rehab Centers

Washington drug rehab centers provide various methods of counseling to provide dual-diagnosis treatment. The role of counseling in this type of treatment for addiction is a very strong part in the overall recovery process. Counseling can help to reduce the instances of future drug abuse, prevent relapse and ensure a greater overall chance at the complete, lasting recovery of the patient. Some of the ways that counseling can help with a dual-diagnosis include:

Finding Help in Washington

We can help you find a dual diagnosis treatment center in Washington that will provide you with the most effective treatment and care for your individual needs. Washington drug rehabs provide all different types of care and counseling as well as therapeutic treatment and medical intervention for a range of co-occurring health disorders. Treatment for drug addiction and a mental or physical health disorder is available throughout a series of inpatient and outpatient drug rehabs in Washington that provide dual-diagnosis care on all levels.

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